Monday, January 3, 2011

Controversial! Why do you REALLY want to rehome your dog?

Working in the pet industry really opens my eyes to the selfishness of people! (I warned you this was controversial!)  Every day I see something about people who need to rehome their dogs for a variety of reasons.  Number Uno seems to be moving.  Why?  I worked in real estate for 3 years and am very familiar with the laws and rules some rental properties have for pets, but with a bit of effort you can find accommodation that allows pets of all shapes and sizes.  Sure, most will require a pet deposit, and you might have to spend some money on a fence, but a dog (or cat) is for life not just a whim.  They consider themselves part of your family (pack), and will be heartbroken to be banished from their family.  They do have feelings, maybe not human feelings, but feelings nonetheless. 

When you choose to bring a dog into your home and make it part of your family you should consider the future, not just today or tomorrow.  Just like having a human baby.  Do you rehome your child because it will mess up the carpets in the fancy home you want to move to? 

Spend some time and effort when hunting for a new home for yourself.  Make sure your whole family will be comfortable there.  Maybe it is 5 minutes further from work, or has laminate floors instead of carpet.  But accommodating a dog when you move is the deal you made with that dog when you rescued it, bought it, were given it, etc.  You should have thought of that before you said yes.  Now you have a responsibility to provide it with a home, not destroy it's trust in human kind by dumping it on someone else, or worse yet dumping it at the pound!

No one HAS to move to one particular place, unless you just joined the Marines!  Stop, look, and rent a place that will allow your pet!


  1. The RSPCA had a slogan "A dog is for life not just for Christmas".

  2. I agree totally with this. My animals are a part of me, just like my children. I can't imagine just not even thinking of them if I were to move. The times I have moved, I've never even thought of looking for a non-animal place. If they didn't allow them, I didn't look there. Animals have feelings too.

  3. I went into our local animal shelter up in New York after Christmas to donate some old blankets and it killed me how many animals were "returned" because the families couldn't make do with a pet for Christmas.
    You're right, pets are forever!