Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Except it doesn't really work this way.  It was a cute T shirt I saw the other day in Cambridge.

The last 24 hours have been the most incredible of my life.  The opportunity to share in the birth of my first grandchild is a blessing I am so happy to have experienced.  My daughter Lora had to have a C section due to her placenta covering her cervix, which made for a strange introduction into the world for little Taylor. Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge England did an outstanding job of his birth   and due to my 'act like I belong' attitude I was able to be included in the whole process except the actual surgery.  Daddy Rob held Lora 's hand, and even had a peek over the screen.   he was able to hold Taylor immediately then put him on his mothers neck.  Taylor then leopard crawled up and latched onto his mummy's chin. Bless.  The surgeon had a little shock when Taylor immediately peed in her face when he was lifted out, the funny little guy.  Taylor weighed in at 7 lb 5 oz much to the medical teams shock.  Lora had a very tidy little bump that was all baby. One midwife asked if she was full term.  It just shows you that you don't have to get fat to have a healthy big baby and Lora's strict healthy diet paid off with a strong little man.

The experience on the ward was difficult though, and despite my desire to tell the nurses and midwife's off, I kept my mouth shut as I wasn't really supposed to be there the whole time.  If it hadn't been for Rob and I Lora wouldn't have had anything to eat or drink.  they seem to have forgotten that she was a section and told her that her meals were in the kitchen,,,she had a catheter in at the time and couldn't get up!  Luckily we had packed a cooler of healthy additive free food for her to eat and made use of the kitchen facilities.  After all the tests were done we then insisted she get released to go home and begin their lives as a family.

Right now Mummy, Daddy, baby Taylor and Indy are all cuddling in their bed, comfortable and together the way it should be,   Nanny is next door waiting for Lora to ring her bell for assistance if needed.  The hard part for me is to back off and let them figure it all out.  Lora had a few tears last night when the house was full of well meaning family and she just wanted she and rob and babe to be together.  It's a very narrow line to walk...doing enough, without taking over, or making Lora feel inadequate.  But we will all figure it out.  The feeling of love and contentment in this house right now is making it pulse with peace.


  1. This is so wonderful!!! Glad that is was such a good experience for them and that all are home safely and well. Enjoy your time with them as I know for you it will end all too soon...

    Love to everyone...

  2. This is amazing!! I almost feel like I didn't completely miss out on the experience because I can feel it through you, I love you and miss you!