Saturday, May 7, 2011


It's Saturday morning and I have woken stiff and sore from my activities yesterday.  Oh it was fun and worth it, but somehow I have to get a balance so that I can have fun a few days in a row.  I have a tendency to feel a bit better and jump all in and do way too much.  I might manage this for a few days or even a week but eventually it takes it toll and my body (or actually the RA) says enough is enough.

I spent the day with my friend who is a fit 70 year old.  She did exactly what I did...hauled 2 horses 30 miles, tacked up and rode both of them for approximately 3 hours, and hauled them home again.  I spoke to her about an hour after I got home and she was still on the move, going somewhere with her husband.  On the other hand I was shattered!  I had to go to bed and take a nap just to be able to do the barn chores. Whats up with that?

Now some of you reading this, who live in cities and the only exercise you get is an hour at the gym, would probably be as shattered as I was even withoutt the RA.  But as someone who only a few years ago was up at dawn working physically outside and in my job for 18 hours at a time, this is nothing!  The frustration is immense.

When I asked my husband, from my recliner, how it could be that a 70 year old outlasted me? He replied BECAUSE SHE HAS NOTHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HER. 

I guess this is the memo that I missed...I do have something seriously wrong with me, and I have to cut my cloth accordingly.  Bummer is all I can say. I'm going to ride my wonderful horse this morning, after doing the barn chores for 9 horses.  Then I'm going to get in the truck and drive 8 hours to Lexington, KY to watch Allie compete at the ISHA Nationals tomorrow.  Too much?  Probably.  Steve says he will be dressing me again Monday morning and he is probably right.

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  1. I'm sure all of this was worth it to see your beautiful daughter and one of my best friends win the National Champion title for her last individual ride as well as with the team she's been working with so hard these past few years.
    Congratulations again.